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1º Inf – Spring project

English teachers have thought it would be very beneficial to join the project “Something is blooming”. We have taken the opportunity to introduce English vocabulary about spring through stories, songs, dances, poems and crafts.

A wide variety of attractive activities which have helped our children to learn the content in a playful way. We have known more about the butterfly metamorphosis by reading the following stories: “The very hungry caterpillar” and “Is it a butterfly?”.

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ESO – Lights, camera, action!

After watching a film in the classroom – ‘No reservations’ for 2º ESO, ‘Shall we dance?’ for 3º ESO, ‘Must Love Dogs’ for 4º ESO -, the students are going to create three more new characters. They need to try to make them fit the plot perfectly well: describing their background, physical appearance, and why they are important for the story.

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6º EP – Spelling Bee Navarra

On the 5th of May the 10th edition of «Spelling Bee Navarra» was held in the planetarium of Pamplona. Irati Gálvez, 6th grade student, was the representative of our school. From here, we would like to congratulate her for her fantastic performance and we are happy to share a video with part of her intervention. (The 4th candidate) We are looking forward to the next edition, to relive the experience which ended in great feelings and enthusiasm.

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1º Inf – Musical ribbons

Here we leave you a little glimpse of our music classes in 1º grade where we learn songs in english and how to follow the rhythm moving our bodies. In this activity, we use homemade recycled ribbons to develop our creativity while making shapes to the rhythm of music. It is known that these types of activities help students to stimulate their concentration, to discharge a lot of energy, and as you can see, to have a great time!

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1º ESO – Speaking English in the sun

Good weather allows first-year ESO students to enjoy the sun in the schoolyard while preparing a theatre script with Jade, their assistant English conversation teacher.

El buen tiempo permite al alumnado de 1º de ESO disfrutar del sol en el patio del colegio mientras preparan un guión de teatro con Jade, su profesora auxiliar de conversación en Inglés.

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International Language Day

Le 31 mars dernier, après de longues négociations avec le Ministère de l’Intérieur Espagnol, l’école a reçu un passeport très exclusif qui permettait aux élèves de la maternelle et du primaire de voyager à travers différents pays anglophones et francophones, en apprenant les aspects pertinents en cours de route et en s’amusant en même temps. Regardez et jugez par vous-même!

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Bach Dual – Live session

Una de las actividades que gustan mucho a nuestros estudiantes que cursan el bachillerato americano es la «Live Session». Se trata de una videoconferencia a la que tienen que asistir los chicos una vez al mes. Los temas que discuten son variados y muy interesantes ya que tratan de cosas muy actuales y asimismo requieren reflexión por su parte.

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El día de los idiomas desde Shangai

Estela Machín, profesora del cole, está trabajando desde el pasado mes de enero en un colegio en Shanghai. Desde la distancia ha querido sumarse a nuestra celebración del día de los idiomas con este vídeo, en el que nos cuenta algunos aspectos de su nueva vida en esta ciudad. Además, tanto ella como algunos alumnos y alumnas del colegio Wellington en el que trabaja actualmente, nos explican la importancia de saber idiomas. ¡Muchas gracias Estela!

International Language Day

Today is a very special day in the school, it is our international language day! And do you know why it is so important? Because languages are magic keys that open doors. They open doors to new countries and cultures. With languages we can travel, study, work and meet people in other wonderful countries around the world. Some of the teachers in our school have done this, and here they are to tell us about their experiences. Enjoy!

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1º ESO – Writing about summer holidays

We all have good memories of the holidays. That is what the students of 1º ESO are doing now. They are learning how to write their most memorable summer vacation. And by the way, they are already looking forward to the next Easter holidays…

Todos tenemos buen recuerdo de las vacaciones. Eso es lo que están haciendo ahora los alumnos de 1º de ESO. Están aprendiendo a escribir sus vacaciones de verano más memorables, y de paso, ya están esperando con ilusión las próximas vacaciones de Semana Santa…

5º EP – The incredible machine

5th year student, Llara, explains to us, in English, how her machine operates. She created and assembled the model machine in art class, and thanks to the English skills acquired in class, she tells us how it works.

Llara, de 5º de Primaria, nos explica en inglés el funcionamiento de su máquina. En la clase de plástica ha creado y montado la maqueta y, gracias a los conocimientos adquiridos en las clases de inglés, nos cuenta cómo funciona.

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