5º EP – Proyecto My green city

It’s very important to look after the environment. This is the reason why we have decided to build our own green city. Mainly, we use wind power because it is all emission free. We use electric cars and public transport in order to reduce the air pollution.

Furthermore, there are a lot of green areas in the city centre. We love fresh air! Residents are very happy living in our green city. You are always welcome to our city!

Información de contacto:

Fundación Educativa Sofía Barat

Colegio Sagrado Corazón Pamplona

Infantil y Primaria:

C/ Valle Salazar, 2
31004 - Pamplona
Tel. 948 23 50 00

ESO y Bachillerato:

C/ Media Luna, 43
31004 - Pamplona
Tel. 948 24 77 58